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Anti-Zionist Jews Protesting Netanyahu's Speech at UN General Assembly

Mass rally by anti-Zionist Jews protesting Israeli PM Netanyahu's Speech to UN General Assembly September 27, 2018 in Front of the United Nations in New York City

Following is the text of the speech:

The holy Prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 9 verse 17, says in the name of Almighty God: our eyes are running with tears, and our eyelids gush with water of cry for a voice of wailing and weeping is being heard out of Zion, “We have been robbed”.

We are gathered here today in the streets of Manhattan in front of the United Nations General Assembly, we left our Synagogues, we left our Yeshivas, we left our Schools, we left our families home, in the busiest time of the Jewish calendar, in time of the High Holidays. –Because we couldn’t stand idle when our brutalized brethren in the Holy Land are crying and yelling to us, “We have been robbed”.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters: Robbed of what? – and Robbed by whom? Says The Prophet Jeremiah in the Book of Lamentations, which we read annually on Tisha B’av, the night we commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem - "Our most precious asset, our young sons and daughters have been stolen from us, and have fallen prey to the sword of the (Zionist) enemy".

Dear Presidents and Kings of the world nations, where is this happening today? To what kind of “robbery” are we referring today? We are painfully and shamefully referring, to the tragic situation of our beloved brothers and sisters, Orthodox Jews living under the so-called state of Israel, our brothers and sisters, who are being cleverly and brutally drafted and conscripted, into the anti-Torah war machine known as the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force.

We are gathered here today, to defend the fundamental rights of those Orthodox Jews in the Holy land who have been fighting the Zionist movement and its ideology since its inception, since day one, and subsequently opposed the creation of the Israeli state from the moment it was originally conceived.

Shall the world of nations gathered here today at the United Nations General Assembly, know the true facts, that although the so-called State of Israel has been portraying itself to the world as the representatives of global Jewry, you should know, "Nothing could be further from the truth".

Today, when the Zionist Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, stands up at the podium of the General Assembly, speaking in the name of the Jewish people, tell him, yell at him: YOU ARE A DEAD LIAR!

We also have here a special message, to our honorable President of the United States, President Donald Trump, when you are standing at the podium of the General Assembly, priding yourself that Jerusalem became the capital of the state of Israel, you should know that you are favoring the Zionists, and Zionism, not Jews or Judaism, Jewish people have no state and the Jewish people have no capital, our capital is our faith from Mount Sinai.

You should know honorable President Donald Trump, that the Christian multi-billion-dollar funding in support of the capital of Israel in Jerusalem, is support for Zionism, not for Judaism. Christian money is rather to transfer Judaism to the Christian faith. Please, we beg you honorable President, if you want to do a favor for the Jewish people, don’t refer to State of Israel, as the Jewish state, rather, to the ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL.

World leaders, you should all know, please understand, please educate yourself, that Torah opposition to Zionism is not something new, it has not been born in the twentieth century, it has been handed down for generations, from father to child, from Rabbis to their congregants, for the generations to come, Anti-Zionism has been an integral part of the education in our schools and our Yeshivas. We all grew up from the day we were born, that Zionism and Judaism are not one and the same, but they are rather diametrically opposed to one another.

Unfortunately, the Torah opposition to the Zionist movement has been overpowered, by the Zionist propaganda machine, and after the tragedy of the Nazi Genocide many of the world Nations believed in favor of a Jewish homeland, which subsequently resulted on the tragic day of November 29 in year 1947, when the UN General Assembly adopted the well-known partition plan of historic Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state.

But you should know, at that same period, on November 18, 1947 a few days before the UN General Assembly decided to partition historic Palestine, an emergency telegram has been cabled to your office, from Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky the orthodox chief rabbi of the Old Yishuv in Jerusalem, known as the Yishuv Hayoshon - Eda Hachredis, the cable has been wired to the United Nations office in the United States. This document is in your archives, DOCUMENT NUMBER: A-AC 14-44 The document reads as follows: To the Secretary General of the United Nations Lake Success: The Jewish Orthodox community Eida Hacharedis of Jerusalem comprising 60,000 souls, objects to the plea of including Jerusalem in the Jewish state and/or its residents becoming automatically citizens of the Jewish state. Our community demands that Jerusalem be an international zone, under your protection, with full autonomy, and its residents be free citizens of the international zone of Jerusalem. We beg of you, not to take any action before receiving our memorandum which is being sent by airmail. Chief Rabbi J. Z. Dushinsky, In the Name of the Ashkenazic Community.

You should know world leaders, please understand that the illegitimacy of the Zionist state is not based on the state’s defiance of Torah law, or of the secular nature of Ben Gurion and the like, it is rather due to the belief that the Jewish people, exiled from their land by an act of G-d, are forbidden to take up arms, and organize into any kind of national identity.JUDAISM YES! - ZIONISM NO! JUDAISM YES! - ZIONISM NO!

We witness today, thousands and thousands of Torah True Jews who are waging today a historic battle in the streets of Jerusalem, in the streets of Bnei Brak, in the streets of Beth Shemesh and in the streets of Sefad, against the Israeli Draft-Law to enlist the vast majority of the Haredim into the IDF, many of the protestors are descendants of the Old Yishuv the Yishuv Hayoshon, who have lived in the Holy Land for centuries prior to the advent of Zionism.

These Jews who have united in a big front as “conscientious objectors” to enlist into the IDF, their communities have consistently refused to recognize the state or grant it legitimacy in any way shape or form. They refuse to accept state monies, they gave up millions and millions of dollars in Israeli funds, they are sustaining their institutions by their own means and via assistance from like-minded Jews around the world, Jews from New York, Jews from Canada, Jews from Belgium, Jews from the United Kingdom, Australia and from throughout the world who are all united into on front, to support our brethren the Anti-Zionist Jews in the Holy Land.

They gave up their democratic election rights, they don’t take part in any elections, they would not want to mingle and take any part in the illegitimate Zionist state.

World leaders united toady at the United Nations General Assembly, please understand, that the UN Commission on Human Rights in Resolution 1995/83 sees “conscientious objectors” as a universal human right, a global Human rights. Accordingly, there is little doubt that the Torah True Jews living in Israel today are prototypical “conscientious objectors”. They should be honored and exempt from military service just as all pacifists worldwide are exempt.

Torah True Jews by nature don’t wage any war and they don’t take up arms, after the destruction of the Temple, when we have no high Rabbinical court known as the Sanhedrin to rule on matters of life and death.

And of course, in no way shape or form, would there be any legitimacy to forcefully draft “conscientious objectors” into a Zionist army to fight for an enterprise which is against their core religious belief system of exile and redemption.

We are fighting today for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, from the clutches of the Zionist State of Israel.

On top of top it all, the IDF is not a typical defense force, the first Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, envisioned that the IDF would be a “melting pot” for the “New Hebrew Man”. He once wrote: “There is a need for Zionist control of the public. There is a need for a channel by whose means the message of Zionism will be transmitted to every man and woman.” Ben Gurion said, that the army, the IDF, was the greatest tool for that transmission. The IDF is the agent for the ultimate goal, to mold, to reshape and transform the old traditional Orthodox Torah True Jew, into a new “Hebrew Man”. But, We are not Hebrews! – We are not Israelis! – We are not Christians! - We are faithful, loyal, humble, Ultra-Orthodox Torah True Jews

Since Zionism and Torah Judaism are in staunch opposition to each other. That’s exactly why the Draft-Law has been drafted, in simple words, today’s Israeli government is here out to get us, to destroy the true Hardei identity and replace it with a newly reformed Haredi which we call Hardak.

Today, the Israeli government is willing to do whatever it takes to see their goal through to the end. A big Holy Man which we call a Tzadik, a Rabbi known as Rabbi Shlome Zalman Weissfish is rotting in Israeli prisons for months denying his basic necessities, just for the simple sin of fighting for “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” and fighting for Torah True identity.

Rabbi Weissfish is not alone, hundreds others have been beaten and imprisoned, we are saying today for the world, Rabbi Weissfish you are not alone, we are all with you. We are all willing to go in prison with you, and fight for the ultimate redemption of Torah True Orthodox Jewish identity.

The Zionist Government is blatantly violating: 1. The fundamental Human Rights of “conscientious objectors”. 2. The right to practice one’s religion. 3. The rights of a minority to preserve its culture.

They say this is fair, they call it “Shivion BeNetel”, they say it’s “equality of burden”, they say it’s fair. we say: IT IS “CULTURAL GENOCIDE”.

Hundreds of thousands of global Orthodox Jewry, have come together united in one front, in a fight for religious survival, that’s why, World Leaders please go out in the streets of Jerusalem and you will see our brothers raising placards, which read: “we shall die and not enlist into the IDF”.

Jews died throughout the centuries for the perseverance of their religion at the hands of the Babylonians, at the hands of the Christian Crusades, at the hands of the Tsarist Russia, at the hands of the Communists, we are ready to die for our faith today at the hands of the illegitimate Zionist regime in Israel.

We Torah True Jews lived in the Holy Land prior to the state of Israel, we had our own institutions, our own culture. We lived in peace with our non-Jewish neighbors, Jew and non-Jew alike. We were not interested in the Zionist experiment! - We have been in the Holy Land for centuries long-long before Theodor Herzl and Jabotinsky, and we will stay long-long-long as Torah True Jews after the Zionist enterprise will cease to exist.

In our finishing words: This demonstration today is just another round in what will be a multi front war to be held throughout the world.

(Psalms Chapter 20) Some trust in chariots and some trust in their horses, but we trust in the name of the Almighty God. They who believe in their own human power are brought to their knees and will fall, but we the Jewish People believers of the Almighty will rise up and stand firm.

And will finish, with the prayer of King David, Almighty God, King of Kings, King of all the nations, King of the universe and King of the United Nations General Assembly, Almighty God, help us be victorious, answer our prayers today when we cry to your help. Amen

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