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Anti-Zionist Jews Protesting Netanyahu's Speech at UN General Assembly

Mass rally by anti-Zionist Jews protesting Israeli PM Netanyahu's Speech to UN General Assembly September 27, 2018 in Front of the United Nations in New York City Following is the text of the speech: The holy Prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 9 verse 17, says in the name of Almighty God: our eyes are running with tears, and our eyelids gush with water of cry for a voice of wailing and weeping is being heard out of Zion, “We have been robbed”. We are gathered here today in the stre

Orthodox Jewish Community in Holy Land Submits Complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee

The Edah HaChareidis, the longtime anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish community in the Holy Land, has submitted a letter, drawn up by lawyers, to the UN Human Rights Committee accusing the Israeli government of violating their basic rights to refuse military service on the grounds that their religious principles forbids Jews of having their own State or to wage wars against any nation Submission to the United Nation Human Rights Committee Israel - Fifth session (2018) List of Issue

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