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Statement by the Central Rabbinical Congress of USA

Updated: May 30, 2019

Statement by the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada, in reaction to the recent tweet by Brooklyn Councilman #KalmanYeger that “Palestine does not exist”


One of the severe oaths that G-d placed upon the Jewish people was not to fight against the nations of the world, as stated in the Talmud (Kesubos 111a). From that time until today, we have kept our oath, and throughout our years of exile we have followed in our forefathers’ footsteps, seeking only peace with the nations and speaking in a friendly manner with them. With humility we have bowed our heads and borne the yoke of exile in all the countries where we are scattered.

Statement by the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada, in reaction to the recent tweet by Brooklyn Councilman Kalman Yeger that “Palestine does not exist”

Prominent individuals who represent our community, of course, need to be especially careful not to say anything inflammatory or provocative, for if they do, their words are publicized immediately and become known across the globe, and the name of G-d is desecrated. They therefore have a double responsibility to be cautious and relate peacefully to our neighbors from other races and creeds, not to start quarrels with them or battles of words.

With the above in mind, we were shocked to hear that a councilman from the Jewish community violated the above guidelines and aroused anger among the non-Jews, with a public statement antagonizing the Arabs. This is a departure from the path of the Torah, which has come down to us by tradition from previous generations. Such provocations have also the potential to lead to violence. We, as religious Jews, hereby condemn his statement, and we distance ourselves completely from his hateful words.

Furthermore, we warn all who serve and represent our community in public: Please be careful with your words, and do not jeopardize our good relationship with our neighbors.

Signed April 2, 2019.

Central Rabbinical Congress of the United States and Canada


The Central Rabbinical Congress, established in 1955, is a worldwide organization representing over 150 anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish congregations.


statement by Rabbi Eluzer Horowitz, leading rabbi of 'Khal Vyoel Moshe Satmar' a Borough Park branch of Satmar, a Hassidic Jewish community numbering in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, in reaction to provocative comments against Palestinians made by Borough Park city councilman Kalman Yeger, and former state assemblyman Dov Hikind’s support for Yeger

Khal Vyoel Moshe Satmar Brooklyn, NY

Friday, March 29, 2019

This week, our community was shocked to the core when two shameless, irresponsible politicians published ideas containing the poison of heresy, denial of the Jewish belief in a Divinely imposed exile, melted together with words of hateful provocation.

People seem to be under the impression that since the above-mentioned politicians were elected by our community for political roles, anything they say somehow represents our community.

Therefore we have a strong obligation, as Jews loyal to the Torah, to speak out against this heretical and dangerous talk. We must not remain silent, giving the impression of consent. We must also publicize to the world that these politicians do not represent us.

Rabbi Eluzer Horowitz


Zionists try to sow conflict between peaceful Jews & our Muslim neighbors.

Ad by True Torah Jews posted in NY Daily News to address this critical issue.

"We want to live in peace with our neighbors & respect EVERYONE no matter his color or creed!"



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