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Historic Visit by Delegation of Rabbis to the UN in Jerusalem, to Plead the Case of Orthodox Jewry

In reaction to the recent escalation of the ongoing systematic oppression of anti-Zionist Jews in the Holy Land by the Israeli regime, a delegation of rabbis appealed to the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs in Jerusalem on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. Their visit was accompanied by a march of thousands of members of the 'Old Yishuv' community, headed by the Rabbis and elders of Jerusalem.

The event began in the main courtyard of the venerable Hungarian Housing complex, where well-known rabbis addressed the crowd. Afterwards, the whole crowd walked, led by the elders of Jerusalem, in a march of protest towards the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs building in Jerusalem. The elders wore around their necks signs saying, “We and our sons and daughters are ready to be killed and NEVER serve in the immoral Zionist army, which is against our Holy Torah.”

Over the course of the march, some members of the Old Yishuv walked in cages meant to symbolize that they were living in a prison.

When they reached the UN office, a delegation of Jewish leaders met with the officers of the UN. Rabbi Nissan Frankel spoke for the Jewish community and handed UN officials a letter explaining their position, accompanied by the book Vayoel Moshe, by Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the most famous exposition of the religious Jewish position against Zionism. Rabbi Teitelbaum explains why, according to the Torah, it is forbidden for Jews to emerge from exile on their own, or fight war against any nation, and that therefore religious Jews are forbidden to take part in the immoral Israeli army.Afterwards, speakers addressed the crowd outside on the subject of the protest. Rabbi Frankel spoke in English and said, “We declare to the nations of the world that serving in the Israeli army is against the holy Torah and against the Jewish religion. The only country in the world that forcibly drafts boys and girls against their religious beliefs is the so-called State of Israel. We declare: Zionists do not represent religious Orthodox Jews! We are faithful to the Torah that was given to us at Sinai three thousand five hundred years ago.”

A second speaker, Rabbi Avrohom Gittelson, said: “We want the nations of the world to know that the desecration of G-d's name caused by the ongoing actions of the Zionist regime,does not reflect the word of G-d and does not represent the authentic Jewish community. They are just a group of Evil people who have grabbed power in order to force their anti-Jewish values and their atheistic lifestyle on the Jewish community, who simply want to live a peaceful authentic Torah life.

“We now call upon the world at large to hear the Haredi Jewry outcry against the Zionist regime, which actively persecutes and oppresses the authentic Torah Jews in the Holy Land.We are captive under their hands.We turn to the nations of the world with our plea:Please save us from this terrible regime which oppresses our people! Please save us! “

After this, the crowd marched down the street in protest. The Zionist police attempted to stop the rally from reaching the UN building, and they attacked the protesters.

Activists say that further appeals to the UN will take place at the UN headquarters in Geneva, where a delegation of Rabbis will visit and discuss with them the next steps of action against the Israeli government which forces Orthodox Jews into the army against their rights of freedom of religious and conscience.

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Apr 16, 2020

As a Christian Zionist I have long wondered why orthodox were always attacking zionists...after reading this and one other article I now understand. I truly feel for your plight! Please know that today’s Christian is not that of previous generations. Millions of us recognize the need to heal the stain of blood on our hands from our forefathers. I wish for the state of Israel to be internationally recognized and respected, but I also wish for your religious rights to be honored and respected! My prayers for the peace of all who call themself a Jew. I ask for the forgiveness from my Jewish brothers and sisters! My

Love and prayers for you!

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