An open letter from Leading Orthodox Jewish community leaders in the UK

After negative Zionist propaganda in British media against the Labour leader in the name of the Jewish communities. leading Orthodox Rabbis wrote a response to clarify that this negative propaganda does not represent the view of the Jewish people neither does this behavior correspond with our Torah ways.

The statement has been signed so far by 29 leading Orthodox Rabbis in North London including Rabbi Ephraim Padwa the chief rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. These Rabbis represent the greater part of the London Orthodox Jewish Community. There are some who where not yet approached or that had a reason to reserve their signature but stated that they are in the same opinion

An open letter from Leading Orthodox Jewish community leaders in the UK

We were shocked to learn about those that are claiming in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards the Labour party’s respected leader Jeremy Corbyn. They have spread rumours that the Jewish population are considering leaving the country for fear he becomes Prime Minister.

We therefore feel necessary to clarify that we have no connection whatsoever with these irresponsible remarks.

Jews are faithful to Go-d and his Torah and seek the peace of the country they reside in and respect their leaders and heaven forbid will not attack their political leaders. As we have been instructed by our sages ob”m, and as is quoted in the book of Jeremiah (29, 7) “seek the peace of the town I have exiled you there, and pray for her sake to go-d for with her peace you will have peace”.

In the merit we will endure the burden of exile and continue the ways of modesty here like the thousands of years of our exile in all generations, we shall be accredited to be saved from all calamities and be blessed with a kesivoh vechasimoh tovuh.

London 4. September 2018.

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