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Jewish girl arrested in Israel for army evasion.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jewish girl arrested in Israel for army evasion.

Summary: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish girl was arrested last night in the city of Safed in by officers attempting to recruit her in the Israeli army.

Wednesday very early morning, an ultra-Orthodox girl, VeredS hoshan, from the city of Safed was arrested at her home at 351 Yefe Nof Street, Safed by the military authorities, who were attempting to recruit her. In keeping with her religious principles, the victim refuses to serve in the Israeli army. Furthermore, she refuses to cooperate with the authorities, and does not put on the army uniform while in her prison cell.

The arrest takes place against the background of the continued erosion of the exemption arrangement for conscription for religious reasons. In recent months, many religious girls have been refused exemptions despite submitting affidavits stating that they are religious, as required by law.The military authorities typically claim that no affidavit was sent, in order to induce the girls to appear at the recruitment offices. VeredShoshan long since submitted a religious affidavit, but the authorities are making the false claim that they did not receive it.

Recently, in many cases, arrest warrants were sent to girls who sent the affidavit by registered mail.

Today, protests took place to condemn the arrest. The organizers are currently preparing for further protests and campaigns.

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