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Police Night Raid on Jerusalem Residents

Hundreds of Israeli police officers stormed the anti-Zionist Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim early this morning, breaking into eleven homes and arresting four.

The raid came in response to allegations of disorderly conduct during the protests that took place last Sunday in front of the IDF Recruitment Center in Jerusalem, where the police used unprecedented violence against protetors (of which the news was distributed widely). The Israeli police came with the goal of arresting eleven people who attended and allegedly organized Sunday's protest. In the end, only four were found and arrested, including a 14-year-old boy.

The night raid began at 3 AM this early morning [Apr 23, 2018] and continued for four hours. The police vandalized eleven homes and broke the main doors. Panic ensued in the homes, as women and children who were awakened screamed and feared for their lives.

Local activists claim that this is an effort to silence their freedom of speech and justify the crimes the police committed during the protest, including high pressure water in the face of people, injuring a child, and throwing stun grenades in dense crowd.

Once the raid began, the residents of the neighborhood were alerted, and very shortly hundreds of people protested on the streets.

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