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Anti-Zionist Jews To Protest Israel On 70th Independence Day

This Friday, April 20, 2018, hundreds of anti-Zionist Jews from the Orthodox community will hold a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City [800 Second Ave], at 1:30 PM. The purpose is to protest the existence of the State of Israel and to decry its persecution of all who speak up against it.

Anti-Zionist Jews Protest against the State of Israel on its 70th independence day in front of the Israeli consulate in New York City Apr 20, 2018

Friday marks the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, and authentic Jews worldwide mourn the existence of the state.

“The Zionist movement is about a transformation of Judaism from a religion to nationalism,” said Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz, a spokesman for the rally.“The recent forced military draft, as well as the cruel oppression of protesters, is another stage in their attempt to force the remaining authentic Jews to take part in their actions, which is totally contradictory to the laws of Judaism.

“Jews are forbidden to create a sovereign state, wage wars against other nations. The State of Israel is not Jewish at all, and its ongoing actions do not represent world Jewry.

“The Zionist state’s claim to be a Jewish state is the worst kind of identity theft. The ongoing crimes committed by the state against the Orthodox community prove once again that they don’t represent the religious Jews living in the Holy Land, let alone those around the world.

“The brutal suppression of public demonstrations is a violation of universal freedom of speech, and forcing Jews to join an army which is forbidden according to their beliefs, is a violation of freedom of religion.

The demonstrators will be displaying photos of recent cruel attacks by the Israeli army and police against religious Jews – men, women and children - during public demonstrations in Jerusalem against the Israeli government and its actions.

Leading rabbis visiting New York from the Holy Land will address the rally with first hand testimony about the arrest and persecution of boys and girls who resist the draft, as well as those who speak up on their behalf. Children at the demonstration will wear handcuffs as a symbol of solidarity with the children currently being beaten and arrested in the Holy Land.

At about 2:15 the demonstrators will march to the office of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Force, across Grand Central Station [42nd street between Park and Madison].

The Sephardic Jewish community in Jerusalem has also spoken out, denouncing the Zionist state and its independence day. In a statement issued last week, the Chief Sephardic Rabbinic Court of Jerusalem stated: “Dear Brothers! The Jewish people, who have been through various exiles for almost 2000 years amongst the 70 nations of the world, remain faithful to G-d and His holy Torah. Now the Zionists have arisen and, rebelling against G-d, have established a state to uproot our belief and our Torah, a state of bloodshed and cruelty in the Holy Land and elsewhere, and war against the other nations. Therefore we make known our legal ruling that it is strictly forbidden to take part in their parades or to join in their celebrations in any way.”

Video of Police Brutality in Israel Apr 15, 2018

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