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Parade Honors 64 Draft Resistors

On April 3, 2018 a peaceful parade was held in Jerusalem, attended by tens of thousands of anti-Zionist religious Jews, in honor of 64 young heroes who served in Israeli prisons during the past six months (some of them up to 90 days, with periods in solitary confinement), for their refusal to serve in the IDF as well as total refusal to cooperate with any of the draft laws.

The heroes first gathered with their families, friends and activists outside of the Prison #4 on the outskirts of the city, where many of these heroes had been incarcerated. The parade was also a show of solidarity with the 65th hero, who is still imprisoned. There the heroes were seated in 12 stretch limousines and were escorted by the massive crowd to Yirmiyahu Street in Jerusalem. Masses of people watched the parade from rooftops, balconies and pedestrian overpasses.

When the convoy arrived, the heroes were lifted onto the shoulders of their supporters and greeted with music and dancing. Once they reached to the stage, leading rabbis addressed the massive crowd with words of praise for the heroes and encouragement to the others to keep up the struggle and continue to resist the draft law.

Seeing the great success of this peaceful event, the Israeli police responded by issuing several tickets for the drivers of the convoy, and several days later they were called in for interrogation.

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