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Zionist Newspaper & Israeli Flags Burned in Meah She'arim, Jerusalem

March 6, 2018 - Hundreds of copies of the "Yated Neman" newspaper were burned together with Israeli flags in the middle of the Meah She'arim market in Jerusalem. Purim is the day when Jews celebrate the triumph of good over evil and the story of their rescue from a genocidal decree. It has become common practice in anti-Zionist communities to burn the Israeli flag during the Purim season as the symbol of evil in our time. But the addition of the Yated, a prominent religious newspaper, to the fire symbolizes the anger and indignation of many in the community at the religious Knesset members supported by the Yated's publisher who claim to be advocating religious rights in the government but are actually cooperating with the government's current attempt to draft religious boys and girls into the army.

Most in the anti-Zionist community take the position that complete non-participation in the Israeli government is the most effective approach.

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