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Anti-Zionist Jews Protesting Israel and visit of Netanyahu to the UN

Anti-Zionist Jews held a rally and protest on Thursday, March 8, 2018 against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu upon his visit to the United New York City.

The protest started at the United Nations, then marched past the Israeli Consulate and ended at the offices of the Friends of the IDF.

This took place days after Netanyahu met with President Trump and addressed the AIPAC convention in Washington DC.

This rally coincided with numerous rallies held the same day in the Holy Land after the Zionist regime arrested a religious Jewish boy for refusing to serve in the IDF. The boy is part of a movement of religious draft resistors known as the Giborei Chayil (heroes).

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Following is the text of the speech:

It is commonly believed that the State of Israel commits violations of human rights only against its non-Jewish neighbors, under the pretense of bringing greater security for Jews. The truth, however, is that they oppose authentic religious Jews who refuse to follow their ideology just as much as they oppose others. The shameful Israeli government wants all Jews to be Zionists.

To achieve that goal, they are oppressing the anti-Zionist communities, expecting them to break down, give up and join their movement.

Nowhere is the ideological divide between Judaism and Zionism more sharply apparent than in the current struggle over forced conscription into the IDF.

The religious Jewish community has always been staunchly opposed to joining the Israeli army, following the fundamental principle of Jewish belief that Jews are in exile and are forbidden to have their own state or army, or to wage wars against any nation. This is in addition to their objection to the ongoing immoral behavior of the Israeli army.

Large communities of hundreds of thousands of Jews are now struggling to avoid service in the IDF. Their only wish is to live at peace with their neighbors, serve G-d and continue with their daily lives.

Sometimes they come with attractive promises, and sometimes they come with violence, but the goal is the same: to force our community’s youth to violate their religious principles. Whoever resists them is arrested, and those who dare to speak out are arrested with particular brutality. They do not spare the young and the elderly, the women or the children. Breaking into houses in the middle of the night to arrest activists is a common police practice.

Anti-Zionist Jews, as conscientious objectors, deserve the right to be exempt from service in the Israeli army, as described in UN Commission on Human Rights resolution 1998/77. By forcing our communities to serve in the IDF, the Israeli government is trampling on our religious rights.

Anti-Zionist Jews worldwide support our heroes in the Holy Land in their struggle to preserve their religion and basic human rights.

These operations are yet another proof that the shameful State of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu and their terrible actions do not represent the Jewish people. The State of Israel is not a Jewish state, it is a Zionist state it is a Zionist state.

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