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26 Hours Protest at IDF Recruiting Office

Updated: Jun 17, 2019


Masses of protesters block the exit way of the IDF Recruiting office on Rashi Street in Jerusalem in order to prevent the transfer of two girls to military prison for their refusal to serve in the army.

Despite police attempts by all means to disperse the protesters, several of whom were wounded and many arrested, the heroic mission continued till the protesters were 100% certain the two girls are free

Note at 1:18 how one Police officer who arrests a wounded protester enjoys the torture so much that he poses for a photo together with his victim to show off to his friends and family.

Also note at 4:34 how an officer driving the Skunk water cannon truck, loaded with foul-smelling liquid calculated to nauseate people for days after exposure, sprays Skunk water into residential apartments next to the Recruiting Office.

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