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Mass Protest Against Religious Persecution in Israel

A mass rally of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews took place today in front of the Israeli consulate in New York City. The protest denounce the Israeli government’s recent forcing Orthodox Jewish boys and girls to serve in its army. Those who refuse to comply with the draft, due to their religious convictions, as well as those who protest the draft, are treated brutally by Israeli authorities.

Text of speech delivered by Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz at the mass anti-Zionist rally in front of the Israeli consulate in New York City, Nov 22 2017.

We are gathered here today to express our anguish and pain on behalf of our brothers and sisters who suffer severely & extremely from hatred & hostility in a massive wave of Anti-Semitism in no other place but in the holy land.

Who is harassing them? By whom are they oppressed? By their non-Jewish neighbors??? NO!

Unfortunately, this is all happening by none other than the official government of the so-called State of Israel. inhuman behavior, severe religious persecution trample on the authentic religious Jewish communities denying them freedom of religion, freedom of speech.

The Zionists, since its inception has one goal to utterly destroy and annihilate Judaism. Hidden & masked under freedom for the Jewish people protecting the Jewish nation not everyone understood clearly their motive from the beginning & many lay people fell trap for the Zionist Idol.

Our forefathers & great Reba’s knew better. From the beginning of their concept it was vehemently denounced by all Rabbinical authorities & taught us that Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism.

One of the basic tenets of our faith is since divine decree has placed us in exile we are forbidden to have any nationalistic aspirations. We are bound by divine oath to accept the yoke of the diaspora & live in peace & harmony within the nations we reside & live a moral Torah life.

The Zionist & their immoral army is practicing the most severe transgressions of the Torah, Idolatry… Adultery… bloodshed...

We pious Torah Jews are therefore conscientious objectors to serve or draft into their immoral army.

For decades we lived in the Holy Land peacefully alongside our Arab neighbors. Our only goal was and still is to learn Torah and worship the Almighty.

The Zionist government can’t stand seeing huge communities of pious Torah True Jews flourish & succeed with unconditional faith and loyalty to Torah life.

Therefore, they are forcing draft on our Yeshiva boys & girls to be able to reach their final plan to eradicate Judaism in the holy land.

Any opposition to it is met with brutality, cruelty & arrests with severe sentences.

We protest against the Israeli Government. Stop harassing Jewish people in the Holy Land. Stop the cruelty!!! Stop the Genocide!!! Stop the Bloodshed!!! Let our people go. Let Them live in peace, study Torah & raise their kids in the right path. Don’t mix into their education.

We demand: set free all those who are under arrest. for freedom of speech for freedom of religion. We will never give up. Judaism and Zionism will never ever be united. You will never win.

We stand with our Dear brothers-sisters who suffer in the Holy Land & our message to them: We are proud of you. We will always support you morally and financially.

We pray from the depths of our hearts for final Divine redemption & the wicked will be wiped from the earth & truth will prevail.

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