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Mass reception for Israeli army evader

November 8, the 24th day of ongoing protests against the forced draft into the Israeli army,

Mordechai Eliezer Briezel

Mordechai Eliezer Briezel is welcomed by masses of anti-Zionist residents of Jerusalem and leading rabbis. upon his release from prison where he spent 20 days for refusing to serve in the Israeli army.

Briezel, of Beis Shemesh, 19 years old and married for 2 months, is one of 50 individuals arrested recently as draft evaders, and is among the thousands of young men who heeded the call of leading Orthodox rabbis not to register at the draft office. He was transferred to military jail by the civilian police.

His hearing took place at a military courthouse in Jaffa on October 25.

The judge asked him, "Why didn't you appear to register for the draft as the law requires? Didn't you receive the forms in the mail on time?" He replied, "Certainly I received the forms on time." "So why didn't you register?" asked the judge.

Mordechai replied simply, "Because the holy Torah does not allow us to register for an army that was set up to uproot the Torah and to violate the Three Oaths. We are forbidden to fight wars or to rebel against any nation. Furthermore, the army does the worst sins like idol worship, immoral conduct and murder, and a Jew must give up his life rather than commit these sins. Even if you shoot a bullet into my head, I cannot enlist in the army"

The judge could not restrain his anger and said, "The law of the military which you consider the worst of the worst, rules that you be arrested for 20 days”.

Mordechai's grandfather, Rabbi Chaim Uri Briezel, sent him a letter while he was in prison, dated Oct. 30, 2017. He wrote, "I was happy to hear the news that my dear grandson is following in the ways of my father, who as is well known, risked his life to stand up to every decree here in the Holy Land under Zionist rule. He went out to the streets to protest until he was beaten murderously. Many times he was hospitalized for the wounds he suffered during protest. He also fasted and prayed, pouring out his heart to G-d and asking Him to remove the evil government from the land."

Mordechai Eliezer Briezel welcomed by leading Rabbis

Mordechai Eliezer Briezel welcomed by masses of anti-Zionist residents of Jerusalem

Mordechai Eliezer Briezel Welcomed at entrance of Prison 4

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