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Jewish Children of Quebec Protesting Israel [French - English]

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Anti-Israel protest at the Satmar summer camp, in Prefontaine, Quebec, Canada, on August, 24, 2017

Following is the text of the speech

Hello my friends,

We, the religious Jewish children of Quebec, have gathered here today for a public protest.

We are proud to be Quebec Citizens. Quebec is a true democratic country. We enjoy religious freedom.

Unfortunately, there is a land – a little land, a very little land that pretends to be democratic. But, the hard and vicious truth is just the opposite.

With shame and embarrassment, we have to denounce the so-called Jewish State of Israel. How dare they call themselves Jewish? How dare they use the name Israel?

It may be news for some of you, but it must be very clearly stated some very basic real Jewish Beliefs.

The Jewish people became a nation 3,322 years ago.

We became a nation in the lawless, ownerless property of the desert of Sinai.

We became a nation, when we unanimously accepted G-d’s Holy Law.

We continue to exist as a nation when we unconditionally further the practice of Judaism.

G-d sent us into Exile because we did not live up to the Jewish Standard expected of us.

We must remain in Exile until G-d will send His Messiah to redeem us.

During our stay in Exile we must be peaceful, law abiding citizens of our resident country.

The Zionist aim to eradicate these basic truths. They deny G-d. They deny His Holy Torah. The have substituted Religion with Nationalism.

Bitterly, they are not yet content. They have continued to coerce their heretic beliefs on all the religious Jews of Israel. With all the power available to a government they have passed numerous anti-Jewish laws in their So Call Jewish State of Israel.

We have protested their anti-democratic actions many times.

Now they are trying a new method!

Until now, it was self understood that a religious Jew has no place in any army that fights for new reason with their neighbors.

Until now it was self understood that a religious Jew cannot server in an army with the lowest moral standards in the world!

Until now it was self understood that a religious Jew cannot be a soldier in an army that fights with our religious beliefs!

The world must be made aware that it is totally in contrast with our religious beliefs for a Jew to be conscripted into such an army.

We are prepared to accept all possible torture, but will not accept this forced conscription.

It is these recent anti-Jewish laws that have forced us to come out in public and denounce the Zionist atrocities.

Israeli Government shame on you!

Israeli Government! We demand that you release all the Jews that you have jailed for non-compliance with the forced draft!

Israeli Government! Take your bloody hands off our beautiful flowering you men!

We, here in Quebec, among many other anti-Zionist Jewish communities around the world, stand together with our heroes in the Holy Land. We say to them “Keep strong! Do not fear the Zionists! Never give up your struggle, no matter what pressure they bring upon you. You will win, for Hashem is with you!”

“Keep up the struggle, never recognize the illegitimate State of Israel, never give them the right to speak in our name and never allow them to catch you in their net. As long as you stay separate from them, you will not be punished for their sins.”

We do not want any part of the Zionist State; we do not want any part of their rebellion against G-d, and their wars against the nations; we will endure all sacrifices not to have any part in their army.

All of us children here today, as well as tens of thousands worldwide, including in the Holy Land, pray together to G-d, that He should soon bring an end to the Zionist State; we pray that this should take place with kindness and mercy, in a peaceful way, without harming anyone. May the voices of the pure children go up to G-D’s Throne of Glory.

We conclude with the prayer we say on the High Holidays, which are coming soon:

May we merit the day when Hashem will reign over the entire world, and His glory is revealed, and all wickedness comes to an end, with the coming of moshiach, amen.

Thank you very much for listening to me!

Thank you very much for your attention!

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Again - Thank you and goodbye.

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