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Public Declaration by the Eidah HaChareidis, the anti-Zionist rabbinate of Jerusalem

The Eidah HaChareidis is an independent anti-Zionist Rabbinical court that was founded in Jerusalem in 1921 as an alternative to the Zionist National Council and rabbinate. The Eidah HaChareidis was founded by devout residents of Jerusalem, who opposed the philosophy of Zionism and the idea of forming a Jewish State in the Holy Land. For the past century the Eidah HaChareidis has been at odds with Zionist supporters of the State of Israel, boycotting Israeli elections, refusing to accept any financial support from the government, refusing to serve in the army, and condemning Zionist provocations against their non-Jewish neighbors.All of the above is based on the religious Jewish principle that Jews are forbidden to form their own sovereign State or to wage wars against any nation. Recently they have become involved in the battle against the recent new draft law which forces all residents, including the anti-Zionist religious youths, to serve in the Israel Defense Force [IDF], which is forbidden according to Judaism.

We convened an emergency meeting in light of the serious situation with regard to the Israel Defense Force [IDF] and their recent decree of forced conscription, under which those who reject service are often detained for long periods of time and many of them have, under pressure and as a result of deception, agreed to be conscripted.On the other hand, thanks to the Almighty, many others are resisting this decree with self-sacrifice.

We hereby declare that we shall not rest, nor be silent. We will ignite a firestorm here in the Holy Land and around the world to negate this current situation in which our communities are forced to violate the Holy Torah.

The situation has reached the point that we might no longer be able to live here in the Holy Land under this harsh regime. If this situation continues, we shall certainly consider publicizing around the world that Jews should not even come to visit the Holy Land.

We demand the annulment of the decree and the freeing of the detainees.

We hereby appeal to Jewish leaders to come out and protest in large numbers, giving voice to the plea of the residents of the Holy Land, as here in the Holy Land our hands are tied and our feet are chained under the Zionist regime.

We appeal to you to launch a massive, loud and mighty protest against their appalling actions and to support the Orthodox residents of the Holy Land, who are oppressed under the yoke of this government.

May the Almighty help us for the sake of His Name, enabling us to maintain our strength in this long exile, and to continue to serve Him with perfect faith, as we have done throughout the years of our exile.May we all soon be redeemed with eternal salvation, through the coming of the messiah, together with the elevation of the glory of the Torah and the breaking of the authority of the wicked, speedily in our days, Omein!

Signed in pain amidst the distress of Jerusalem. 27th of Nissan 5777 [April 23, 2017]

Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, Ravad

Rabbi AvrohomYitzchok Ullman

Rabbi Yehoshua Rosenberger Rabbi Yaakov Mendel Yurowitz

Rabbi Yehuda Fisher

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