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Grand Rabbis Discouraging Immigration to Israel

Paris, France

Last Tuesday, July 4, the Grand Rabbis of Satmar and of Pshevorsk, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum,from Brooklyn, NY and Rabbi Leibish Leiser from Antwerp, Belgium, both staunch anti-Zionist leaders of tens of thousands – who came to Paris by special invitation of the local Orthodox rabbis Rav Rottenberg, Rav Katz, and Rav Toledano, among others – led a singular event in which thousands of French Jews participated

The main focus of the evening was to decry the recent waves of immigration to Israel, the so-called “Jewish State” which was, in fact, established in direct contradiction to the Torah – which forbids the establishment of a Jewish state in, or even mass immigration to, the Holy Land before the coming of the Messiah. Jews are strictly forbidden to rebel or wage war against any nation.

Over the past two years, France’s growing anti-Semitism and terror have led a record number of French Jews to immigrate to Israel – fueled by constant Zionist propaganda. After the attack on the Jewish supermarket in Paris in 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that French Jews know deep in their hearts that they have only one country, the State of Israel – suggesting a lack of patriotism and disdain for their country totally foreign to the majority of French Jews, and totally in conflict with Torah law – which ordains allegiance to one’s fatherland.

It is noteworthy that the bulk of France’s Jewish population today are the descendants of Moroccan, Algerian, and Tunisian Jews, who came to the country after the Zionist-incited and instigated unrest soured the centuries’-old peaceful relationships they had known in their native lands.

The Satmar Rebbe is a great-nephew of the famous Rebbe Yoel of Satmar, the founder of the world-wide group. He was one of the most outspoken critics of Zionism almost from its inception; rallying against the Zionist ideology no less than its manifestations, both before and after the establishment of the State; and a prolific writer against the Zionist goals and actions.

The current Rebbe recalled that his predecessors, the founders of his sect, worked to provide for the spiritual welfare of Moroccan and Algerian Jews. Already decades ago, they built schools for these communities’ children, or provided support to the existing schools.

Now, a Satmar spokesman said, Rabbi Teitelbaum is visiting the country with a group of generous donors whom he is encouraging to donate to local community projects.A special banquet was held for the donors earlier in the day.

“Your place is here,” the Satmar Rebbe said on Tuesday night. “Don’t move to Israel. Don’t go up [make aliya] to the Land [of Israel], and don’t believe in all the good that they are promising you there.

“Today, many people are leaving for Israel, and cutting off all connection with Judaism,” the Satmar Rebbe continued, lashing-out against the Zionist propaganda and exaggerated scare-mongering. “It is a spiritual holocaust.”

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