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$6800 Gift for refusal to serve in Israeli army

At an impressive reception on May 28 2017, leaders of the Anti-Zionist world community gifted Rabbi Tzvi Dov Friedman the sum of $6800 USD, for the 68 days he spent in Israeli prison for his refusal to serve in the Israeli army

Beit Shemesh welcomed Rabbi Tzvi Dov Friedman upon his release from prison.

Rabbi Friedman was arrested before Passover, due to his being a military deserter. Rabbi Friedman refuses to cooperate with the draft. Because he religious and follows the traditional basics of Judaism, which forbids supporting a sovereign homeland for Jews or waging wars against any nation.

Local and national activists organized an impressive reception for Rabbi Friedman.

The event began at 7 PM, when hundreds of children from the local schools gathered for a huge march in honor of the prisoner.

Afterwards, the march reached Rabbi Yehoshua Street, where a dignified stage was set up, and the orchestra welcomed the public.

For hours, local leading Rabbis, including Rabbi Yehoshua Rosenberger, addressed the gathering, they praised the devotion of the prisoner and his self-sacrifice.

Towards the end of the evening, Rabbi Friedman was awarded a special grant of $ 6,800. This sum was raised by Friends of Giborie Hahayal [Strong Heroes] abroad, for the sake of strengthening the morals of the conscientious objectors.

The Israeli police did not remain silent in the face of the huge situation that placed their rule as a mockery, and instead they provoked a violent provocation in which a small child, an elderly woman, and a young man were arrested. They were also attacking the women who gathered for the occasion.


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