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Hundreds of Jews Protest against Israeli Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush

Saturday, June 17 2017, Monsey, NY

On Friday, June 16, the religiously-dressed Israeli Deputy Minister of Education – who has been denounced throughout Orthodox communities in the Holy Land – arrived in Monsey, New York, to see if his luck would be any better there, and he would be accorded the honor he desires.

Meir Porush, who staunchly backs the despicable law to compel religious Jews to serve in the Israeli army.

Meir Porush, whose religious garb leads the peoples of the world, and especially the residents and neighbors of the Holy Land, to believe that religious Jews are in agreement with all Zionist actions and policies.

Meir Porush, who labors to smother the voices of protest against the Zionist State Half a year ago, Porush appeared in Meah Shearim, from whence he was escorted by hundreds of Jews with the greatest humiliation.

A few months ago, he also visited Brooklyn, New York, where anti-Zionist Jews publicly renounced him.

At 6.00 PM on Saturday, a crowd began to gather at Maple Avenue, corner of Phyllis Terrace. Distinguished rabbis took the podium with fiery speeches; among them Rabbi Moshe Miller, who broke down in tears during his speech, bemoaning the tragedy facing today’s youths, especially in the Holy Land. He concluded by declaring that the true solution will come with the annulment of the entire Zionist State.

The crowd of hundreds then marched for about an hour through the streets of Monsey, growing in size from minute to minute despite the great heat. When they passed the main Vishnitz Synagogue, members of the community, although lacking the courage to join, rushed to bring out cold water and soda, thus showing their support of the protest.

They stopped at the house of Porush’s host, where the chant “Porush is not welcome here!” rose spontaneously from the masses. Porush was compared to the kapos of the ghettos and concentration camps, who handed over their own brethren to the Nazis; so too Porush hands over his brothers to be spiritually decimated by the Zionists.

When the protest ended all broke out in dance, to the old anti-Zionist song: “Hashem hu Malkeinu – Hashem is our King, we do not recognize the rule of the non-believers, and we do not take into consideration their laws.”

Indeed, in Monsey Israeli Deputy Minister of Education Meir Porush was accorded the honor he deserves.

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