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Police inciting provocation

On Thursday May 18, 2017,In Meah Shearim, Once again a policeman disguised as an ultra-Orthodox soldier enters the anti–Zionist neighborhood, and all the children come out with the usual shout: "Chardak" (a derogatory term for one who follows the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle yet simultaneous becomes a Zionist solder).

The children’s shouting is only a small part of the current struggle between the Orthodox community and the Israeli government officials, who are attempting to enforce their mandatory draft.

Orthodox Jews have always refused to serve in the Israeli army on religious grounds. Judaism prohibits Jews from establishing their own state or their own army. For over 60 years, the Israeli government grudgingly respected the rights of the Orthodox community to be conscientious objectors. But in 2014, they passed new legislation obligating every young man to serve. Although the full implementation of this law has been postponed for several years, recruiting offices are now under orders to tighten the rules on army exemption and try to get as many yeshiva students as possible into the army. It is clear that they are not motivated by a need for more soldiers; rather, their goal is to assimilate the Orthodox into their society and into the mindset of Zionism.

This documentation enables us to see how these operations work, and also raises the question of whether what was a sophisticated operation to capture the attackers of ultra-Orthodox soldiers became a transparent and obvious provocation that only causes a stir.

Everyone knew that the police had come deliberately to provoke a confrontation.

A soldier walks for a long time along Mea She'arim Street, you can see the biker escorting him and directing him into the main street in the neighborhood. More and more children gather, the children already know how to keep their distance. Only toward the end of the street comes the explosion - a boy throws a bag. The bag doesn’t hit anyone. A cop tackles him, some adults try to release him, and a commotion ensues.

At this point, the soldier climbs into the vehicle of the detectives, who hurry out of the neighborhood. A border police force, prepared in advance, enters the street. Three are arrested, including one minor. Almost inevitable.

As the policeman locks the child in the car, notice how he gives the child a kick. (Pay attention to 1:18)

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