Israel versus Judaism

On March 9, 2010 in Zippori, hometown of the redactor of the Mishnah, archaeologists destroyed a burial cave from the Mishnaic period. On May 16 in Ashkelon, the American Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority donated $2.5 million for the destruction of a cemetery from the Talmudic period. On June 6 in Nazareth, three burial caves dating from the Biblical period were destroyed. And most recently, on June 13 in Jaffa, three layers of burial caves were removed from an historic cemetery approximately two thousand years old.

On June 16, protesters in Jaffa were confronted by police.

In all of the above instances, alternative ways were proposed to accomplish the desired construction, yet the desecration of the cemeteries went ahead.

At each site, Orthodox Jews, led by their rabbis, gathered for peaceful prayer vigils. As usual, the Zionist police did not allow this free expression; they shot tear gas canisters at the elderly rabbis, used electric tasers and other heavy riot-control equipment against religious Jews who wielded nothing more than prayer books.

Photos of Desecration & Violence in Jaffa June 13, 2010


Local religious Jews held prayer vigils and protested to stop the desecration.

What happened next is clearly shown in the photos below: